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Food and Spirits Menu

Our Famous Cocktail and Beer Menu

Restaurant Impossible may have helped us out with our food menu, but they did not touch A THING on the cocktail menu.     Raved about since we opened our lounge in 2013, the CD Vodka martini drink menu is one of a kind.  We have re-invented the standard of cocktails by offering our world class vodka in a variety of unique and traditional presentations.  From CD Vodka Martinis to traditional mixers to a full tasting, you are sure to find something you will love on our CD Vodka menu.

In the event that a member of your group is not in the mood for vodka drinks, the Copper Still has prepared a hand selected menu of craft and premium beer selections along with premium spirits including 12 year aged Scotch, craft whiskeys and Gin.

PDF Famous Martini, Cocktail, Beer and Spirits Menu

Our New Restaurant Menu

Featuring skewered meals with homemade dipping sauces and traditional, yet unique options.  Our menu items are never frozen and hand prepared each day.  Modest pricing meets over the top quality to ensure that your meal at the Copper Still is memorable.

Copper Still Dining Menu






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