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Perfect vodka born from the craft

CD Vodka was inspired with one create perfect vodka at an affordable price. Co-founders, Dominic and Matt were determined to make their own vodka that would be better than the most expensive products in the market. They manufactured their own custom stills designed through countless hours of research along with trial and error. After years of triumph and failure, the duo created the now famous, award winning, CD Vodka. For the past decade, CD Vodka has proven true to the oringinal vision. Their ultra-premium vodka is gold medal winning with a 9.9/10 double blind taste rating. After tens of thousands of tastings, one fact is clear:  CD Vodka may not be the most famous vodka, but it is without question the best tasting.    

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Also From Mid-Oak Distillery
Award winning Torta Bianca and flavored varieties


"You've got to try this!"

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